Terryville Roundup

Highway toll on Rt. 9?


The General Assembly’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee — one of the largest and most influential of the committees — passed by a party line vote Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s bill authorizing the state Department of Transportation to implement statewide tolling. Although the details are ...READ MORE

Jobs Roundup 4/8/18


Welcome to Jobs Roundup — your source for finding current job openings in the greater Bristol area. Whether you are searching for a part-time position or full-time, let The Roundup connect you with your local dream job. Employers, looking to hire a talented millennial? Send us your job ...READ MORE

Opinion: Why I Don’t Celebrate Easter


I don’t celebrate Easter. I don’t dye eggs, I don’t make — or buy — baskets filled with goodies, I don’t read online about the Easter bunny and I haven’t dressed up on an Easter Sunday in years. I don’t even acknowledge it’s holiday. I grew up ...READ MORE