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Malloy Signs New Screening Process For Newborns


Governor Malloy on Friday joined with a group of legislators and public health advocates for the ceremonial signing of legislation  “An Act Concerning Newborn Screening For Adrenoleukodystrophy”  that requires Connecticut health care institutions to screen newborns in their care for ...READ MORE

CT Gun Store Owner Admits To Firearms Violations


David Laguercia, 56, of Broad Brook, pleaded guilty today in federal court to violating federal firearms laws.  Laguercia was the owner and operator of Riverview Gun Sales, located at 4 Prospect Hill Road in East Windsor. According to court documents and statements made in court, Laguercia, doing ...READ MORE

All Signs Are Pointing To Bristol


When visitors come to Bristol via Rt 229 they are greeted with a stunning view of ESPN. Most of these visitors are going to Lake Compounce. Rarely do they venture out and explore Bristol. On the other end most Bristol residents drive by ESPN never knowing what’s going on there. ESPN is a city ...READ MORE

Whit Betts: Important Acts Concerning Children


The non-partisan Office of Legislative Research has published its report that summarizes new laws affecting children passed during the 2013 regular session. Children’s Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health PA 13-178 requires the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Office of Early ...READ MORE

End Of Summer Getaways Starting at $0


And you thought nothing in life was free. In Connecticut, we beg to differ. An abundance of great attractions and activities throughout the state are available for you to enjoy, free of charge. A few helpful hints to do more for less — Check out your local Connecticut library and see if they ...READ MORE

Complete Aaron Hernandez Court Docs


If you find the time you can read all 156 pages detailing the investigation, warrants and items recovered during the Hernandez investigation. Since the arrest of Aaron Hernandez many people including the media have been following it like a soap opera. Here are all public released documents ...READ MORE