Statewide News

DMV Expands VIN Check Locations


The Connecticut DMV is making it easier for many motorcycle owners to get a vehicle identification number check. Those with bikes built in 1981 or later can now get the checks at one of 230 emissions testing stations around the state. Before this change, only those made in 1990 or later could go to ...READ MORE

New “Young Worker” Website


A new website geared to provide young workers a better understanding of their rights and responsibilities in the workplace  and also serve as a valuable resource to employers, educators and parents was launched this week. Developed by members of the Connecticut Young Worker Health & Safety ...READ MORE

Make Sure Your Heating System Is In Working Order


The Connecticut Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers to seasonal scams related to chimney inspection and furnace maintenance. “These inspections and maintenance concern the safety of your property and family,” according to Connecticut Better Business Bureau President, Paulette ...READ MORE

New CT Distracted Driving Law Set For Oct. 1st


Hartford county residents will soon be facing tougher laws regarding distracted driving, especially when it comes to the use of cell phones in the car. According to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, in the amount of time it takes to send or read an average text, a car traveling at 55 ...READ MORE

Public Opinion Has Begun To Change About Marijuana


In recent years, public opinion has begun to change about marijuana. Once regarded as a dangerous gateway drug, a handful of states have now made it legal to possess and use the drug for medicinal purposes including Connecticut. Two states, Colorado and Washington, even allow its recreational use. ...READ MORE

Out Smart Your Provider When Buying A Smartphone


Used smart phones have become a hot consumer commodity, according to Connecticut Better Business Bureau. Industry analysts have reported more than half of American adults own a smartphone.  This week’s announcement of a new series of smartphones that are about to hit the market means consumers ...READ MORE

Connecticut Crowdsources Tourism


Connecticut unveiled Fall for Connecticut – an initiative designed to inspire both residents and visitors to get out and experience something still revolutionary in Connecticut this season. The effort includes the Office of Tourism’s first-ever crowdsourced list of 100 places to go, things to ...READ MORE

Connecticut Slave Receives Proper Burial


In the early 20th century, the Mattatuck Museum in Waterbury was given the skeleton of an African American man named Fortune, who had been enslaved in Waterbury during the 18th century. His bones had been preserved by the man who had enslaved him, a local doctor. The bones remained in the ...READ MORE