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Celebrity Psychiatrist Draws Record Crowd


An enthusiastic audience gathered at the Bridge Healing Arts Center (BHAC) in Farmington on June 27, 2019 for the rare opportunity to hear from an international celebrity psychiatrist, which highlights the BHAC’S ongoing commitment to bringing innovative and holistically minded practitioners and ...READ MORE

Bristol Cash Mob Helps Support Local Businesses


Cash Mobs in Bristol Connecticut have become a staple for many loyal members of Bristol Talks on Facebook. Local businessperson David Haberfeld runs the local Cash Mob in Bristol Connecticut. Neighboring Burlington Connecticut showed interest in a Cash Mob but due to a lack of interest, the Cash ...READ MORE

How You Can Build Your Community On The Roundup


5 ways to make The Roundup into an awesome local resource. The Roundup is a space for community news, and no one knows your community better than you. Here are 5 other ways you can make The Roundup into an awesome local resource: 1. Ask a local question The Roundup is the perfect space for ...READ MORE