Is Daylight Saving Time ‘Useless’?


As we grudgingly set our clocks ahead this weekend, sacrificing a precious hour of sleep to the daylight saving gods, many of us likely had an identical thought: “Is this really necessary?” Daylight saving time (DST) is a decades-old tradition, but many suspect that it “does ...READ MORE

ESPN To Host Tenth Annual Super Bowl Party


ESPN is hosting its tenth annual Super Bowl party, rebranded ESPN THE PARTY, on Friday, January 31, in New York City. In conjunction with the release of ESPN The Magazine’s Music issue, the event will celebrate the love affair between sports and music. “ESPN The Party” will feature ...READ MORE

Cases Of Tax Identity Theft Continue To Skyrocket


HARTFORD – Better Business Bureau advises consumers to file their 2013 income tax returns as soon as possible, to avoid losing a refund to an identity thief. With all of the personal information contained in tax documents, criminals will try every trick in the book to obtain these documents ...READ MORE


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