How You Can Build Your Community On The Roundup


5 ways to make The Roundup into an awesome local resource. The Roundup is a space for community news, and no one knows your community better than you. Here are 5 other ways you can make The Roundup into an awesome local resource: 1. Ask a local question The Roundup is the perfect space for ...READ MORE

Yes, You Can Call Me Disabled


by Anjali J. Former-Pratt Why? Because I am! Disability is not anything to be ashamed of. In fact, I am proud of my disabled identity. You may have been taught not to use the word “disabled.” In fact, you may have been taught to use “person-first” language in which you identify the person ...READ MORE

Bristol to Host Educational HIV/AIDS Forum


On Wednesday, April 17, professionals involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and care are invited to attend the annual HIV Educational Forum sponsored by Bristol Mayor’s Task Force on HIV/AIDS. This event will feature speakers on multiple topics related to HIV/AIDS including Hepatitis C, Opioid ...READ MORE

How to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day


According to, WDSD was first observed in 2006 in many countries around the world. March 21 was declared World Down Syndrome Day by the United Nations General Assembly on December 19, 2011. WDSD said the General Assembly “invites all Member States, relevant ...READ MORE