Bristol Roundup

Commenting Policy: A Modern Standard


The Central Connecticut Post welcomes comments on our posts. We know readers have plenty to contribute and that we are not the only source for information. But we are determined to set as high a standard for commenting. Freedom of speech is important and everyone has the right to voice their ...READ MORE

8th Annual Touch-A-Truck Festival In Bristol


Climb aboard for the 8th Annual Touch-A-Truck Festival on Friday, August 2, 2013 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Imagination Museum for Children and Families. Jump around in the Monster Truck bounce house. Trucks of all kinds will be on display. Make your own truck in the Art area!   Pizza and ...READ MORE

Working Out of the Trunk of a Bicycle in Bristol


The Spinning Rain Dance Part One of a Series By Ron Goralski I’ve been riding my bike a lot lately. And for the sake of full disclosure, it hasn’t always been my choice. So, I’ve been taking it to house showings, to meetings, and to the homes of many of the clients I work with. It’s been ...READ MORE

Its Crocodile Club Time Again


The Crocodile Club, will celebrate its 132nd reunion dinner Friday, September 13, 12 noon with its unique gathering of individuals who put aside their political differences to celebrate this commitment by the park owners. 11:30 am – doors open (transportation to the ballroom provided) 12 ...READ MORE

A Festival In The Park


The Rockwell Summer Festival is going to be held Aug. 17 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is being organized by the West End Association of Bristol. The event is all ages and free to support the revitalization of the West End and Bristol as a whole. There will be a retro car show, skateboarding ...READ MORE

Another Media Frenzy in Bristol


The media was in full force in Bristol yesterday. State police are looking for something related to the Hernandez case. Bristol Police say they received a tip that something might have been dumped in the lake.Nothing was found and the search will continue today. Media outlets from all over the ...READ MORE

Wilson & Others Endorsed By Bristol Democrats


Chris Wilson, current chair of the Bristol Board of Education, received the endorsement of the Bristol Democratic Town Committee at its regular meeting, Monday, July 22, in the City Council Chambers. In his comments, Wilson emphasized leadership, professionalism, process and education. “Bristol ...READ MORE

Coachie DeCarolis Hits 1,000


This is a feel-good story. It’s mostly a feel-good story because it is about a man who loves his community and loves to give back to it. One can’t help to feel good in the presence of a person who makes the comfort level at a sporting event feel as easy as a favorite TV chair. Coachie DeCarolis ...READ MORE

Original Downtown Road Uncovered in Bristol


While these images are not old, they do however offer a glimpse from the past. During an excavation undertaken by construction workers in advance of a new McDonalds uncovered a well-preserved section of the original North Main Street in Bristol. It was part of the downtown area before ...READ MORE