A local nurse will serve licensure probation for diverting hydromorphone, OxyContin and clonidine for her personal use, and for using marijuana. Connecticut Health I-Team reported that Amanda Claffey will be placed on probation for four years by the state Board for Examiners of Nurses.

Claffey worked at Hartford Hospital between January 2017 and January 2018, during which time she diverted the drugs for her personal use. She also admitted to diverting morphine for her personal use while working at Bristol Hospital in January 2019.

Per the terms of her probation, Claffey is required to attend therapy, submit random drug tests, and has the scope of her practice limited.

The adverse consequences of diversion in healthcare include harm not only harm to the drug diverter, but also risk of harm for the patient. In addition to denial of essential drugs to treat patients in pain, outbreaks of hepatitis C virus (HCV) transmission from an infected healthcare worker to a patient have been reported in the setting of narcotic diversion when tampering with injectable opioids, as well as transmission of bacterial pathogens, with fentanyl being the most commonly implicated opioid. 

The American Nurses Association (ANA) is a strong supporter of alternative or peer assistance programs that monitor and support safe rehabilitation and the eventual return to the professional workforce. While relapse is high, the goals for the substance-abusing nurse is to seek treatment, reach recovery, and re-enter the workforce.

All US healthcare facilities are required to prevent, identify, and report any loss, diversion, or theft of controlled substances.

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