Terryville-based Terra Lingua USA helps students connect with local families

Want to add a branch to your family tree?  Become a volunteer host family for teens from Italy, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, or China.

English proficient, medically-insured students are looking for a family just like yours to stay with while they attend your local high school.

Terryville-based Terra Lingua USA provides international exchange experiences in an effort to promote global understanding and experiential education to people worldwide.

Terra Lingua USA is a family-run, nonprofit organization celebrating over 20 years of helping students explore the World.

Hosting a teenager from another country can be an enriching family experience. The hospitality that you offer will provide them with an invaluable gift – the opportunity to experience the American way of life from your family perspective.

How it work:
  • – Are open-minded and welcoming
  • – Possess an interest in learning about other cultures and ideas
  • – Include the student in their family life and daily routines
  • – Have a spare bed
  • – Are of many ages and backgrounds, with or without teenagers
  • – Having kids are not required

Empty-nesters, single parents are also encouraged to apply.

Additionally, many local communities across the State are looking to become involved in something big; a way to enlighten and encourage their neighbors. An exchange student not only brings rewards to a host family but to an entire community.

Available student profiles and recorded intros can be found here.


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