How You Can Build Your Community On The Roundup

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5 ways to make The Roundup into an awesome local resource.

The Roundup is a space for community news, and no one knows your community better than you. Here are 5 other ways you can make The Roundup into an awesome local resource:

1. Ask a local question

The Roundup is the perfect space for hyperlocal questions that a Google search might not be able to answer. Questions can be the best way to begin a conversation over a local news story or to find a lost pet.

If you have a burning question about your community, create a post and see if your neighbors have the answer.

2. Share a local news tip with your neighbors

Be the first to report on a local happening. News tips don’t need to be serious, though they can be. Our only rules: all posts must be local, civil, truthful and non-promotional. 

If you want to promote your business, contact us.

3. Promote a business, list a job, sell an item

Local businesses are the backbone of any community. That’s why we started “Community Posts” a platform designed to help business owners and sellers reach their neighbors. For $1 a day, you can reach communities outside of your town.

4. Events go on our calendar

All local event posts are free on the Roundup. Add you event here. Whether you’re advertising a clearance sale or inviting the town to your block party, post it. Just make sure you give your neighbors enough time to see it.


5. Become a Roundup Mayor

If you want to take a leadership role in your neighborhood, then we should talk about you becoming a Roundup Mayor. Our mayors help to keep The Roundup a neighborly place and to ensure The Roundup is producing local content that reflects what’s happening in their community.

Those who simply want to share an occasional story about their community can also become Roundup Contributors.

Our Contributors author articles about town halls, school events and other local issues. Public officials and leaders of local non-profits are encouraged to join.


The Central Connecticut Roundup is a popular local magazine covering central Connecticut news, Statewide news, National news, local events, commentary, and more.


The Roundup currently has over 5,700 subscriptions and a local social media following of over 95,000 readers across multiple social media sites, apps, pages, and groups.


The Roundup is also a proud member of WordPress. This affiliation offers readers more news from FOX 61 and CBS Connecticut on The Roundup.

Latest Stories From Roundup Partner : FOX 61

Man’s sunken boat case scheduled for trial in August

Man’s sunken boat case scheduled for trial in August

PROVIDENCE, R.I.   — A lawsuit over whether insurance companies must cover a Vermont man’s claim for his boat he says sank with his mother on board is heading to trial this summer. The Providence Journal reports that a judge on Wednesday set Aug. 12 as the start date for the National Liability & Fire Insurance Co. and the Boat Owners Association of the United States’ challenge to Nathan Carman’s $85,000 claim. The insurance companies allege Carman committed fraud by deliberately […]

Philadelphia, St. Louis police departments roiled by racist and hateful Facebook posts

Philadelphia, St. Louis police departments roiled by racist and hateful Facebook posts

The police departments of Philadelphia and St. Louis are taking action following allegations that officers posted hateful or racist content on social media. In Philadelphia, 72 officers were taken off the streets and placed on administrative duty, and in St. Louis, 22 officers have been barred from bringing their cases to the Circuit Attorney’s Office. The social media posts were compiled by The Plain View Project, which describes itself as a “database of public Facebook posts and comments made by […]

A rare, clockwise-spinning tornado touches down in South Dakota

A rare, clockwise-spinning tornado touches down in South Dakota

South Dakota doesn’t get a lot of tornadoes, but a twister there last weekend was particularly rare — because it was spinning clockwise. The National Weather Service says the anticyclonic tornado only lasted for about 45 seconds on June 15. That was long enough for it to knock down seven trees at a farmstead outside of Estelline, which is about 80 miles north of Sioux Falls. Only about 1% of tornadoes that hit the Northern Hemisphere rotate in a clockwise […]

High school baseball team tests DIY hail protection for cars

High school baseball team tests DIY hail protection for cars

DENVER – Colorado is known for having some massive hail storms that leave behind expensive damage. A hail storm in May 2017 that damaged cars and homes resulted in about $2.3 billion in insurance claims. For drivers who park outside, the risk of damage is high. Testing homemade hail protection What if you don’t have a garage or carport to protect your vehicle? Will a DIY solution get the job done? KDVR decided to put some homemade hail defenses to […]


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