Bristol Roundup – City Takes on 100 Day Challenge to Help Curb Youth Homelessness

Application process spurred dialogue, insights, and passion to start exploring and tackling challenges in efforts to end and prevent youth homelessness.

The City of Bristol recently announced that it will be participating in the Central Coordinated Access Network (CCAN) sponsored 100 Day Challenge.

The purpose of this regional initiative is to identify and find housing for homeless youth and young adults in the communities of Bristol, New Britain, Plainville, Berlin, and Southington.

According to the Partnership for Strong Communities, the 100 Day Challenge is led by a broad-based coalition of advocates, providers, state agencies, and young adults.

“The last statewide youth count was in 2018 and found that there were 5,054 unaccompanied youth who were homeless or unstably housed in Connecticut,” stated Annemarie Sundgren, the City of Bristol’s Community Services coordinator.

There are eight 100-Day Challenges happening across the state with the aim of housing youth and young adults experiencing chronic homelessness. The efforts are funded by “a wide array of local philanthropies.

In their participation of the 100-Day Challenge, CCAN hopes to “safely and stably house 40 unaccompanied youth and young adults between the ages of 16-24, 80% of whom will be actively engaged with one or more of the following supportive services: health, education, employment, and state/local government resources.”

“With a statewide goal of ending youth homelessness in the state by 2020, CCAN and the all of the participants in this year’s 100 Day Challenge hope they can help achieve this goal for our local communities,” stated Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu.

The Partnership for Strong Communities says that these 100 Day Challenges “are designed to empower and support communities in pursuit” of addressing youth homelessness through the use of a high visibility promotional campaign and support from local coaches, peers and stakeholders.

“People should know that the U.S. Congress is funneling millions of dollars into Connecticut and other states to end homelessness. The mission to make ANY instances of homelessness brief and ensure that they don’t occur again,” stated Councilman Scott Rosado, who serves as liaison to the city’s Youth Commission.

CCAN encourages residents, youth, and anyone needing their services to reach out to them by calling (860) 826-3366.


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