Photos (c) Tim’s Inc Auctions

Inc Auctions celebrated its 40th anniversary April 28 with its 27th Annual Cabin Fever auction. The sale began at noon and ended at 2:30 am after 537 lots had crossed the block.

“It was a very successful day, one of the largest grossing sales in years,” said Tim Chapulis, owner and auctioneer.

The online-only sale attracted more than 8,000 checked-in bidders across multiple bidding platforms. “There was a tremendous outpouring of interest throughout the day,” Chapulis said. “It lasted 14‚½ hours – that’s what I call an extravaganza.”

Although he had not tallied the sales, Chapulis expects the sale to gross more than $200,000.

As expected, the sale’s top lot came in the form of a George Washington inauguration button which sold for $30,000 to a phone bidder.

Read the full story here.



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