Keitha Pollutro of Harwinton wins 20X Cash 4th edition top prize

Keitha Pollutro of Harwinton told Lottery officials that she doesn’t play the Lottery very often, but while shopping at the Daily Mart in Harwinton, she stopped and looked at all the scratch tickets and thought to herself, “Wouldn’t it be great if I won $50?”

At first, Keitha couldn’t decide which ticket to buy.  After some deliberation, she chose the “20X Cash 4th Edition ticket,” scratched it, and was shocked to discover she won one of the game’s top prizes — $20,000.

“When I scratched the ticket and saw I won, I was so tickled pink, I started crying,” Keitha told Lottery officials through teary eyes.

“I didn’t even go back inside to check my ticket.  I just called my fiance, told him that I won, and then came straight to Lottery headquarters,” Keitha said.

Keitha, who expressed such gratitude for this good fortune, plans to put her prize money to good use.  “I’ll pay some bills, but I really want to help my son with college.  I also want to give some money to my ex-mother-in-law.  Since my mother died, she’s always been like a mother to me, so I’d like to help her, too.”



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