Bristol to Use Fuel Cell for Water Pollution Control

Bristol Water Department

The City of Bristol entered into a 20 agreement with Doosan Fuel Cell America Inc., to establish a fuel cell for the Water Pollution Control Facility. A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that combines hydrogen fuel and oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water.

“We are very excited to work with the City of Bristol to help them reach their renewable energy goals and cut costs using a Doosan Fuel Cell. The City of Bristol is taking control of their energy future producing cheaper, cleaner, more efficient power with our fuel cell,” said Michael Coskun GM Sales & Business Development Doosan Fuel Cell America.

Doosan fuel cells are a non-combustible distributed energy resource making for a quiet and reliable source of power. DOOSAN fuel cell systems enrich and revitalize communities by reducing greenhouse gases, lowering air emissions and saving water, all with scarcely more noise than key strokes on a piano.

“The technology not only promotes clean and green, it is also more efficient for the creation of power and is supported by DEEP and Eversource, said Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu. “The Water Pollution Control division is the largest energy user in the City, so we are looking forward to seeing the costs savings associated with this.”

“The supply is sufficient to effectively cover the full operation replacing the use of electricity supplied from the electric grid while reducing carbon footprint. The cost benefit over the term of the contract is anticipated to be $900,975.00,” stated Sean Hennessey, division director at the Water Pollution Control plant.

The new fuel cell is expected to be operational by late fall of 2019 with cost savings beginning within the year.


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