Charitable Contributions Create Financial Independence for People with Disabilities Through Employment

Amie Giordano has found success in her job at Tier ONE Machining in Newtown thanks to the training she received through Ability Beyond’s Career Development program. The nonprofit organization needs the support of the community to continue helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment and gain independence.

Amie Giordano, a shy and quiet woman with developmental disabilities, dreamed of independence when she started participating in Ability Beyond’s Career Development program. She discovered new skills and with assistance from her program manager, began to look for employment for the first time. In February 2017, Amie started an assembly job at Tier ONE Machining.

Today, Amie has become one of the company’s most productive employees. She has a job she loves with an employer who values her and coworkers who respect her—and that makes her feel proud!

Throughout its 60-year history, Ability Beyond has had countless success stories like Amie’s. The nonprofit organization that was founded by a group of parents who simply wanted a better life for their children with disabilities, has pioneered ways to help thousands of people with physical and mental disabilities to discover their abilities and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

“We are truly at the forefront in developing innovative programs and best practices that are being recognized and adopted on a national level,” Jane Davis, President and CEO of Ability Beyond. “But as state and federal funding dwindles, we rely on charitable gifts more now than ever before to continue our crucial mission.”

Davis notes that financial donations are direct investments in the lives of more than 3,000 people served each year by Ability Beyond throughout Connecticut and New York. Funds help to underwrite transition and career development services, work readiness and employment placement and support services that ultimately help individuals with disabilities earn money to support themselves.

“Contributions help our dedicated and experienced team deliver the tools necessary for individuals with disabilities to find employment,” explained Davis. “We value the continued support of each and every individual and business that shares our commitment to improve the lives of our neighbors.”

Davis shares examples of the huge impact that even a small donation can make:

$25 can help to provide transportation until the first paycheck is earned

$50 can help provide benefits specialist support to lead people out of poverty

$100 can help to provide resume building and interview preparation tools

$250 can help to provide assistive technology needed to perform a job

$1,000can help to provide a week of 1 on 1 job training with an employment specialist

In addition to employment programs, Ability Beyond provides residential, educational, recreational, and transportation services in 90 communities that help people with disabilities go about their daily lives.

“The individuals we work with want the same things we all do… a meaningful job, friends, a home where they can live independently, and opportunities to participate and be successful in their communities,” concludes Davis. “Together let’s continue to discover, build and celebrate the ability in all people.”

Ability Beyond is a local Connecticut 501{c} (3) organization that provides a wide range of services for over 3,000 people with a disability that inhibits their activities of daily living — including numerous residential alternatives, employment training, career counseling, job placement services, cognitive and life skills instruction, clinical and therapeutic support, and volunteer and recreational activities.

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