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The Holiday Season is just around the corner and the Town of Burlington and Chamber of Commerce is once again teaming up to make the Town Center as festive as possible.

“The Burlington Chamber of Commerce is once again partnering with the Town of Burlington and it’s Public Works Department to light up the center of town with Christmas trees during this holiday season.  Over the last few years, the number of trees placed throughout the center of town has steadily increased and we’d like to continue that trend this year!” said Peter Bevivino, Chamber President.

The trees will be purchased from ­two Burlington businesses.

The Burlington Chamber asked for $100 donations, and in exchange, Scott Tharau, Public Works Foreman, has again offered to have the Public Works crew put up the trees; complete with lights, timers, and extension cords throughout the center of town.

Peter Bevivino said “If you don’t have a storefront that is immediately on Route 4, but would still like to participate, your trees can be placed on the green or surrounding properties.  However, the trees and the space to put them is limited, so if this is something you’re interested in doing, contact the Chamber.”

To participate email Peter Bevivino, Chamber President.

You can also call the Chamber at 860-506-7789


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