Bristol Has Questions on the Ballot — Want to Know More?

Bristol City Hall

Bristol residents may not know there a questions pertaining to Bristol on the ballot this year. Former Councilperson Craig Minor and Town Planner of Newington offered his two cents on the questions.

“As a member of the Charter Revision Commission whose output is on the November 6 ballot, I ask you to vote “yes” on all of the questions. Here is my own personal explanation of them:QUESTIONS 1 and 2 are Connecticut constitution amendments. I think you should vote “yes” on both of them but I was not involved with them.

QUESTION 3: Right now, all nine Board of Education members get elected at the same time, every four years. Vote “yes” so that half of them get elected every two years, to ensure continuity of expertise on the Board. There is a really steep learning curve for this Board so continuity is very important.

QUESTION 4: Vote “yes” to show our elected officials that, despite what some of them they may think, they are not above the law. They are not allowed to sexually harass City employees. Believe it or not, this needs to be in the Charter.

QUESTION 5: You might be surprised to know that Bristol’s water is managed by one City department, and the sanitary sewers by a different one. Vote “yes” to put them in the same department. It’s more efficient.

QUESTION 6: Vote “yes” to change the title of the City’s personnel director to “Director of Human Resources”, take the job duties out of the Charter, and to create a committee to advise the HR Director on matters involving senior elected officials.

QUESTION 7: When the City Council and the Finance Committee meet together, they are known as the “Joint Board”. If this question is approved they will henceforth be known as the “Joint Meeting”; plus some technical changes will be made. Please vote “yes” – it will make things clearer.

QUESTION 8: If approved, the procedures that the City follows when it borrows money will be clarified. Please vote “yes”.”


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