Mum Festival Parade Police sign | Photo courtesy Ron Tessman

For anyone who didn’t love Bristol already, the 57th Annual Mum Parade provided many reasons to “Fall In Love With Bristol.”

“It was a wonderful day,” said Parade Chairperson Dianna Tack. “We are so appreciative of all our participants, and all the spectators along the route. It’s really a very special day in Bristol.”

The early Fall day provided a perfect stage for more than 100 schools, churches, veterans’ and military organizations, scout groups, businesses, bands, civic clubs and more.

Parade goers of all ages once again enjoyed the longtime Bristol tradition.

The Mum Festival official photographer is Ron Tessman.

Tessman has been photographing the Parade since the late 90’s. Tessman is also the owner of

You can check out these great Mum Festival Parade photos here. — over 1,200!



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