UfO over Bristol CT June 22, 2013

The number of recent reported UFO sightings in Connecticut is spiking this summer with up to 64 sightings, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

Based on the reported sightings, Newington and Bristol took the lead.

People across the country have reported unidentified objects for decades.

The government tracks these reports at The National UFO Reporting Center and has a State Report Index that breaks down UFO sightings by state and town.

A lot of the reported sightings are typical and describe some object was flashing in the sky, while some offer detailed accounts including parts of whole days while witnessing the mysterious UFO-type object.

Just so you know the National UFO Reporting Center is, it’s been around since 1974, and it investigates UFO sightings and has put together a list of more than 90,000 sightings around the world.

You can catch up and read more about UFO sightings in Connecticut here.

You can also see current Bristol UFO sightings here.



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