Jarre Betts, Susan Sadecki and Kate Kerchaert of Main Street Community Foundation, presenting Pat Stebbins, Founder of Brian’s Angels, with the grant | Submitted

Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach serves homeless individuals and families in the city of Bristol through the operation of a warming center.

The warming center provides a respite from weather extremes, provides a daily lunch and distributes personal hygiene items, clothing and footwear and even tents and sleeping bags to homeless individuals as needed.

Brian’s Angels was formed by Bristol resident Patricia Stebbins.

Stebbins said Brian’s Angels was started in memory of my youngest child, Brian William Pinz, who experienced a period of homelessness prior to his loss. It’s my calling to bring awareness to homelessness, mental illness, and drug addiction.

Last week, Brian’s Angels was presented with a $2,000 grant from the Ciccarelli-Vitale Community Advancement Fund and the Bristol Brass General Grant Fund at the Community Foundation to help with their critical efforts.

The grant will purchase basic needs items such as tents, sleeping bags, and shoes for the organization’s clients.

Brian’s Angels Homeless Outreach recently celebrated its third anniversary.

“Thank you to everyone that helped us along the way. Our volunteers are some of the most wonderful, giving people I’ve ever known and the community has provided bounty I could never have expected,” said Stebbins.

“In three years we have gone from a single bottle of cold water in a heat wave to us running the Warming/Cooling Center at Saint Vincent DePaul Shelter. We have provided cases of water, snacks, clothing, critical needs and a sense of family. We provide a respite from the elements and a place to be included.”

To get involved in Brian’s Angels, you can get more information here.



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