Is your dog the best? Is your cat the best? Whatever pet you have, is it the best?

Tell us why, and you could win a $25 Pet Valu Pet Store gift card and a chance to tell everyone what makes your pet so awesome.

Here’s how The Roundup’s Best Pet Contest works:

Send us your favorite photo of your pet, and a brief explanation about what makes your pet the best — 200 words or fewer, please.

Send entries to with the subject line “Best Pet Contest” The deadline to submit your entry is Friday, August 31.

Three finalists will be selected and the public will decide who the winner is. The winner will be chosen through an online Facebook poll.

The grand prize winner will receive a $25 Pet Valu Pet Store gift card, plus a feature story on your pet and yourself.

Your explanation about what makes your pet the best will be a major factor in determining the top three.

It’s not just a picture of your pet, rather the relationship you have with your pet.

Please do not submit entries in the comment section below.


2 thoughts on “Is Your Pet The Best? Enter The Roundup’s Best Pet Contest

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  2. My cat Clovis is my best friend. We get up at 6am every morning and have breakfast together and at 6pm we eat dinner. When I leave I always tell him where I am going and when I’ll be home. He is always at the door to welcome me.


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