Ellen Zoppo-Sassu elected first female Mayor of Bristol — Dems clean house leaving one GOP member on Council

Newly elect Mayor Ellen Zoppo-Sassu Photo (c) Calvin Brown

BRISTOL — Democrats won big in Bristol and across the State. Ellen Zoppo-Sassu will be the new Mayor of Bristol and also five Democrats on the Council. The one Republican is well-liked former Bristol Eastern athletics teacher, Dave Mills.

DTC Chairman Dean Kilbourne told a packed  — and energized — crowd at the Bristol Polish Club “Tonight, Bristol has made history. We have elected our first female Mayor.”

Zoppo-Sassu said “I think all we can say is that the people have spoken.” Zoppo-Sassu crushed incumbent Ken Cockayne by a 3-2 ratio.

Cockayne told a crowd of supports “Thank you everyone, it’s been a great run. I set up my opponent for the next two years. She can sit back and enjoy the ride because we did all the hard work.”

Also voted out were Council incumbents Anthony D’Amato and Jodi Zils-Gagne.

Council members voted in were:

Democrats Greg Hahn and Josh Medeiros in the First District.

Democrats David Preleski and Peter Kelley in the Second District.

Republican David Mills and Democrat Mary Fortier in the Third District.

Republican Thomas Barnes was also re-elected as city treasurer.

As of Monday, the city had 14,024 unaffiliated voters, 12,740 Democrats, 6,911 Republicans and 605 people registered with other parties.


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2 Comments on Ellen Zoppo-Sassu elected first female Mayor of Bristol — Dems clean house leaving one GOP member on Council

  1. Steve // 11/08/2017 at 7:46 AM //

    Cockayne buried himself with his behavior. Zoppo-Sassu worked her a** off this election. She deserved the win. Congratulations Ellen! Now we’ll see Bristol, especially MBS and the barren center of town move in the right direction.


  2. Anonymous // 11/08/2017 at 8:54 AM //

    Congratulations on your deserving win. Your passion and the help of your great council is what we need. The ex-mayor was a do-nothing, another embarrassment.



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