2 Comments on Throwback Thursday: Farm Shop Restaurants

  1. I don’t know where you got your information but it’s a bit off. Farm shop was not headquartered in Middlebury. The Crowe Family one of the founding families from Litchfield(hence the Litchfield Farm Shop) owned the company until it was sold to Friendly’s. The Hershey reference you made is when Hershey bought the Friendly’s Chain of Restaurants. Yes there were close to 50 stores. When Avon Farm Shop opened in 1982 it was number 42, and 2 or 3 others with higher stores numbers were opened around the same time. Perhaps some fact checking should be done before you strike keys on a keyboard


  2. I stand by my facts. There may have been 40 some-odd locations opened through the years and the numbers assigned to the new Farm Shops kept climbing, but they closed a lot of stores along the way. At no time did Farm Shop have 30 units operating at the same time

    Carvel did the same thing. In 1980 they opened store #2111, yet there were only about 800 stores in business at the time. The rest had all gone out of business.

    As for the headquarters being located in Middlebury, I personally visited the headquarters about 1977. It was an unlikely spot for a headquarters but that’s where it was.

    Most of the information posted here came from old newspaper archives. The advertising images are from my personal files.



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